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June 09 2017

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Made a thing for myself since it’s been a while. Trying out a different look for icons, it scales down pretty well.

Dither machine used to aid with the background


People & Races

The planet of Sytous’ native dominant sentient species are the Ertakar and an artificial sub species known as Jal-Kar

Ertakar are classified as a mammalian species, despite appearing similar to upright standing draconic creatures. They are warm blooded, with a body temperature closer to that of marsupials, and a hollow bone structure reminiscent of earth birds or dinosaurs. To accommodate their wings, they have a second set of scapula and pectorals, similar to any species that might have 2 sets of arms at the torso. Their torso and spines have greater elasticity, similar to earth cats, allowing them to achieve both bipedal and quadrupedal movement with natural ease, and their lack of collarbone and shape of their chest cavity allows their fore limbs to collapse appropriately. Potential height of the species comes at around 7ft to 9ft.

Ertakar skin comes in two general categories, either thickly plated leathery skin, similar to that of an earth Rhinoceros, or thickly patched scale similar to earth crocodiles. Those of patchier/plated skin can be traced back more rugged terrain and arid environments, those of smoother skin can be traced to more temperate and humid environments. Colors can range from earthy tones of brown and yellow, cool tones of blue and green, warm tones of red and orange, or simple colors of black, white and gray. There being no sexual dimorphism amongst the species, lack of mammaries, and all genitalia being internally housed, there is no visual separation between the sexes.

Along with varying skin types and color patterns, Ertakar are made most unique by the set of horn and bone arrangements on their skulls, or even lack of. While likely originally adapted for protection, in current society it is more used as a means of display, for attraction or intimidation. Arrangements range from short and long horns, grouped and solitary, along with other protruding bone structures and crests.

Jal-Kar are neither a native species nor are they visitors, but rather they are an artificial species created as a byproduct of the gene therapy and manipulation in the war. They are classified as any being that is a mix of both Ertakar and Human DNA. While Humans and Ertakar on their own cannot interbreed, some Jal-Kar, not all, are capable of interbreeding with the two species. The original Jal-Kar were mutated humans to have elements of Ertakar genetics, current Jal-Kar are their descendants some of which have been from couplings of Jal-Kar and Humans, Jal-Kar and Ertakar, or Jal-Kar and other Jal-Kar.

Due to the mix of genetics and mutations, Jal-Kar can have a wide range of features and mutations between either species. Horns, no horns, odd facial structures, stunted wings and tails, very few of them have wings well enough to fly unless they had some Ertakar parentage in their history. The odd mix and mutations of the species leads to often unique health conditions as well as there always been a chance for infertility.

Lastly, Humans make up a small portion of the inhabitants on Sytous. They’re not that much different from humans we’re familiar with other than their planet of origin being of a separate time line and continent arrangement than our own Earth.

June 07 2017



The planet of Sytous is similar to that of Earth in atmosphere, live structure, sun distance and size, only with a higher percentage of water on it’s surface and it’s difference in evolutionary preferences. I don’t really have much more to add to this but there will be info covered in the Flora section when that comes about so have this pretty basic world map for now.

The planet itself has 2 primary continents with a few large island clusters. The area in the pink outline makes up for the primary location where the story’s setting would take place.

June 01 2017



I wanted to do this last year but couldn’t get around to it so guess I’m doing it now. It’s from a project that started on tumblr but here’s much easier to organize anyway. Prompt list for the thing can be found here:

For this June I’m going to start with a setting that’s been pretty important to me for a very long time. It ties into an eventual comic I wish to do which currently is pending in name but I’ll figure it out later. The planet and setting that will be focused on will be Sytous and most of the culture and society with one of the larger territories where a lot of the story is centralized on. My intent is to cover the world and setting at the time that the comic would take place so that means some brief background along with the current setting, but the culture/society I have to describe is not exhaustive for the entire planet.

Sytous is a planet that is home to the Ertakar, a draconic-looking mammalian species that make up the dominant species on the planet, however there is minor co-habitation with a humans in certain parts of the planet. The Ertakar are the native inhabitants of the planet, but the humans are travelers from their own planet, the setting takes place about 200 years or so since the human’s first landing on Sytous and their existence has been more or less integrated into the general location they landed on.

The setting itself is sci-fi, and while it’s not what one might call ‘hard scifi’ it’s definitely not science fantasy. Much of the content I produce delves into culture and sociology, likewise the conflict in the comic setting will be centered around has to do with culture clash and the ramifications of choices made in the past and how the waves can effect so much later on.

May 27 2017


June Sign Ups at lj



Hi guys!

It’s that time of the year again, artslam sign ups are up and running over at livejournal. See you there:D

Just a reminder that artslam is starting next Thursday, and anyone wanting to do hard mode, or easy for June, need to sign up before then. This year there’s also a dreamwidth version, dw sign ups are here. SO you can choose which ever suits you best, or both if you want;)

Hey everyone, artslam is almost here! I’ve got the dreamwidth group up and running. It’s a draw - a -day challenge through the sumer of June, July and August. Come have fun with us!

May 13 2017

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Pixel art portrait for @catalyticconversion

April 28 2017

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I’ve been on the internet since 1998 starter pack

Reblog this if you are an old fogey online

Reblog this instead if you are a young whippersnapper

Excuse you, where’s altavista, the search engine before google. Or my favorite, the endless popup buttons.

April 14 2017

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Basic, Single Character Pixel arts, I can draw literally any subject. All money helps me with bill and food.

(tumblr asks can be unreliable so messaging on tumblr is fine)

More Examples:

April 08 2017

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Finished the ref version for the Robot Adoptable I offered up some time ago, sold to aussieduck21 (DA/FA) and edited to the buyer’s specifications.

April 07 2017

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Conbadge commission for Fireboy224 on Furaffinity

March 26 2017

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had some What If super future munin and Alexei meet up again

Munin is Munin is Munin. Some things never change. I need to know what happened to Lex here.

Time jump? Cryostasis mistake? Angry time god? Vampirism?

Time jump was my personal thought

March 23 2017

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had some What If super future munin and Alexei meet up again

March 22 2017

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somesketches I did with my Mobian Saber and MFB’s H0t the G0d

March 20 2017

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So the piece on the left I had partially sketched back when I was trying to do art slam. Just recently decided to clean it up and salvage it. Everything on the right was drawn today. Just some sort of style stuff for Daga in her civilian gettup.

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Have a design I’m not using so I’m selling it off

Asking: 75$ USD

Upon purchase the buyer will receive the full 7x10in 300 DPI PSD reference which I can fill out for you or you can edit yourself. I can make minor courtesy edits, but major edits or additions will be an additional fee on top of the purchase price.

You Can:
Choose Name/Pronouns
Change anything (colors, features etc)
Edit Provide Ref (either by yourself or someone else on your behalf)
ReSell/Give to someone else (please notify me if this occurs so that I can change links to whom this belongs to)

You Cannot:
Use for most commercial purposes
Use the art itself for monetary purposes (including but not limited to, prints)

March 17 2017

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so how about some Zora Undyne?

March 16 2017

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yaaay scanner is set up to work with my laptop so I can at least scan what I’ve been working on. balancing won’t be the best since the laptop screen is washed out. Concept sketches for a robot adoptable soon.

March 08 2017


As an aside I started doing some goofy RP blogs in my spare time. I do a lot of sketch replies so more random artish there.

those are currently my most active blogs though I also have a hub which I run all my accounts through which will list all further accounts I make:

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ridir as a CAST from Phantasy Star Online

I actually drew these a while ago, just posting them now for some Content since I’m still disoriented from the move.

March 03 2017


Move is still happening, currently in the new place. Things are a mess and it was rough but I’m here. Very sore, still have work to do, and no net hooked up yet

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