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February 05 2018

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Pixel art commission for Syren on Discord

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Pixel custom lugia commission for @Starstitched on twitter

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Pixel art Portrait for vaporfuxk on Twitter

February 03 2018


B Day Week

My goal is starting next week (Sunday the 4th) I have the week for ‘myself’. For context, Feb 7th is my actual Birth Day, but I want to focus on just.. doing stuff for me in the 'birth week’ since kinda haven’t done that, in general, for a long time….

If I take any commissions they’ll be small ones with a small queue, so I can focus on doing stuff for me without being gummed up by other obligations.

I may be streaming during the week, dunno when but probably somewhere between 6am - 5pm AZ time (which I think is the same as mountain time right now) Either Warframe, maybe some other games, and Art for myself I’ve been meaning to work on. And commissions, if I take any that is.

As a side note, if for whatever reason you want For Real updates about my life
Journal-ling will always be my preferred service/platform.

January 24 2018

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Full Body Pixel Art Commission for @IcyXisaru on Twitter

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Pixel Portrait Raffle Prize for @AnatumT on twitter

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Pixel art commission for @the_blacktigr on twitter

January 21 2018

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Heyy anyone wanna help me get some food? Opening back up for pixel comms, (only these options available at this time, not taking any other sizes, not doing animations right now)

I can do any species/character/type you can see an archive of others here:
contact me via email armaina @ You can also use tumblr messanger to ask me any questions

January 20 2018

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Needed a bit of a warmup sketch, drew @zen-something‘s operator

January 14 2018


World Building Tools

Over the last couple months I’ve been made aware of several new world building tools that have popped up online, so I thought I’d compile together what I’m aware of and share a quick guide as to the options and what they provide.

Online Services:!/
This service is completely free and is set up mostly in a timeline format but allows for different sections to customize for characters, places and other info. The service is completely free, all features available to any user. You can also make any of your worlds private if that’s something that concerns you. The interface can be a little clunky and hard to figure out what goes where, also it does not offer any image hosting services, all images need to have an external hosting service.
Easy to use interface, a robust set of options, with only a few features requiring Patreon subscription. Key items that are Patreon Only, are Private worlds and the ability to have subscribers to your worlds. They also feature a Discord server, and make an attempt to foster a community of world builders as it’s users which is a value unto it’s own, but isn’t required to use the site itself.
Probably the most easy to read interface of the three options. Free versions only allow you to have Universes Characters, Locations and Items, and has a bandwidth cap of 5mb a month, which is admittedly tiny. Every other feature is paid only, and the minimum subscription is 10$ per month. That being said you can still create custom tabs within the primary category, and it gives you clear guides and suggestions as to what to add for each section.

Standalone Applications:
Completely free service, it’s intended to, not only keep track of characters, places and things, but allow you to organize the very writing for your work itself, into chapters. It has annotation, tagging, organization, sharing as well as your standard writing tools, it’s just as much of a powerful writing engine as it is a content organizer.
Similar to Quoll, but costs 10$, a single time upfront. Has a lot of the same features as Quoll, sans the ability to share with other users. It hasn’t been around as long as quoll so I imagine there will be new features as it develops, but one feature it has that Quoll doesn’t have is a quick drawing panel ability.

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Sloth Dragon Commission for a friend

January 04 2018

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Hey donate to my Ko-Fi with a warframe suggestion or reference for a badly drawn warframe, whoo

December 21 2017


Hardware Issues

So just as I’m thinking I’m done with hardware problems, my boot drive up and dies on me.
The good news: All my art files were not on the boot drive and they’re all still in-tact, no loss there.
The bad news: I have another drive that is the same age as my boot drive, it’s what all my personal files are on so I have no idea how long that’s going to last me :/

I’ve already backed up my stuff, so if it does die, I won’t loose anything. But the problem is, if it dies I won’t.. have any space for anything. To top it off, the drive I’m using as my boot drive, is just as old as the drive that just died. These drives are between 8-10 years old, so they’ve had a good run, but I don’t know how long either of them will hold up ): I probably needs to really buckle down and put money into a new hard drive. Honestly just a 500GB or 750GB hard drive would be more than enough for me, my current drives are only 320GB and 250GB, I’m not working with a lot of space to begin with.

I am of course, open for commissions, most easily available are my pixel art commissions but other inquires are possible. (please know that anything outside of my set sizes/offerings will take me longer to set up and provide quotes for)

If you want though, I do have a Ko-Fi

I’m thinking of doing like donation headshots but I need to have it on my outing day. Maybe more information on that later?

Here’s to hoping I can save enough (while also buying groceries) for a new hard drive, before the ones I have fail ):

December 10 2017

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Commission pixel art set for @sphrog and @crowrotica on twitter

November 24 2017

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Pixel art commission for @DeVoutNumelran on twitter

November 18 2017

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OH HEY I MADE AN ANIMATION. Pixel art commission for Zero-Zivan on DeviantArt

November 17 2017

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A couple of pixel art commissions I did for @CarpoGryphon on twitter

November 14 2017

7420 cb0d

Digital Portrait commission for Siren_the_Black_Dragon on Telegram

November 11 2017

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Hey wanted a compilation post of all my Warframes from Inktober? Well, here’s most of them! Also I’m selling the originals. They’re 5.5in x 8.5in in size and 35$ as is, including international shipping. Email me armaina @ if interested

Wheres nekros??😦😦😦😢

I didn’t draw him but I might! I want to do a lot more of these but trying to drum up funds for the card-stock and slide cutter

November 09 2017

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Hey wanted a compilation post of all my Warframes from Inktober? Well, here’s most of them! Also I’m selling the originals. They’re 5.5in x 8.5in in size and 35$ as is, including international shipping. Email me armaina @ if interested

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